Open Access Week 2022 – Open for Climate Justice

Open for Climate Justice

We stand with the organizers of Open Access Week in the belief that "sharing knowledge is a human right, and tackling the climate crisis requires the rapid exchange of knowledge across geographic, economic, and disciplinary boundaries." In this spirit, we are delighted to share a reading list of open access books and journals that expand our understanding of climate and environmental studies.

Join us in celebrating—Open for Climate Justice.

Open access week

Open Access exhibit at MIT

Visit the Hayden Library @ MIT for an exhibit of open access titles published by the MIT Press.


10/24/22 thru 10/30/22

The graphic has four climate photos -- one of a littered beach, another of a large city, a third showing a smoke stack polluting the air, and a fourth a turtle swimming among plastic debris. Each image is overlayed with the open access open lock logo.
This image shows the logos of 12 open access journals published by the MIT Press, including American Journal of Law and Equality, Open Mind, Daedalus, Harvard Data Science Review, and more.

Open Journals from the MIT Press

This image shows the logos of 12 open access journals published by the MIT Press, including American Journal of Law and Equality, Open Mind, Daedalus, Harvard Data Science Review, and more.

Journal of Climate Resilience & Climate Justice

Edited by William Shutkin

The MIT Press is honored to publish the new online, open access, peer-reviewed Journal of Climate Resilience & Climate Justice. The journal, to launch with a first issue in May 2023, will provide research reports, case studies, essays, and opinions from the working edge of the climate resilience and climate justice fields written in a non-technical, digestible, and educational style for a broad audience.

Published in partnership with MENV

Direct to Open

Direct to Open harnesses collective action to support open access to excellent scholarship. Thanks to generous support from libraries around the world the MIT Press will open more than 80 scholarly books in 2022.

MIT Prize for Open Data ceremony

Our colleagues at the MIT School of Science and the MIT Libraries will present the MIT Prize for Open Data on October 28 at 2 pm.

The MIT Press Director of Journals and Open Access, Nick Lindsay, will also be on hand to answer questions about open access publishing.

Hayden Library @ MIT

Open Access Week 2022

The MIT Press joins with publishers, librarians, educators, students, and readers, across the globe in celebration of International Open Access Week (October 24 - 30, 2022).

In 1995, we leaped into the open access publishing movement, with the publication of William Mitchell's City of Bits. In 2022, we will celebrate opening a record 86 publications by the end of the year—thanks in large part to the tremendous international support for our Direct to Open publishing model.

Open access publishing book publishing takes a village and we are grateful to the authors, staff, funders, librarians, educators, and readers who have made our extensive open access journals and book collection possible.

#OpenAccess is the future.

Open access journal articles

Many of our journals are either fully or partially open access, so we are presenting only a portion of what is available.  View a much deeper collection of climate topics on the MIT Press Direct platform, or search for the topics of interest to you (make sure to filter for open content!).

Global Environmental Politics
Coal, Climate Justice, and the Cultural Politics of Energy Transition
Benjamin Brown
, Samuel J. Spiegel
(2019) 19 (2): 149–168.

Asian Economic Papers
Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization
Harvard Data Science Review

Open access books

We are presenting a selection of books that fit the theme Open for Climate Justice, but we have hundreds of additional open access titles. To explore the complete open library, please visit the MIT Press Direct platform.

Structuring an Energy Technology Revolution

Charles Weiss and William B. Bonvillian

pub date: March 20, 2009
Funded by author

Discard Studies
Wasting, Systems, and Power

Max Liboiron and Josh Lepawsky

pub date: May 24, 2022
Funded by Direct to Open

From Big Oil to Big Green
Holding the Oil Industry to Account for the Climate Crisis

Marco Grasso

Pub date: May 3, 2022
Funded by Direct to Open

Why Are We Waiting?
The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change

Nicholas Stern

Pub date: April 17, 2015

"Open access must be the future of academic publishing. . . I applaud MIT Press for pioneering in open access, in cooperation with its participating libraries, and am delighted that my book on climate technology policy will be available with open access."
William Bonvillian

Senior Director of Special Projects at MIT's Office of Digital Learning and MIT Press author

Learning in Governance
Climate Policy Integration in the European Union

Katharina Rietig

pub date: August 24, 2021
Funded by MIT Libraries

The Resistance Dilemma
Place-Based Movements and the Climate Crisis

George Hoberg

pub date: August 17, 2021
Funded by MIT Libraries

The Politics of Rights of Nature
Strategies for Building a More Sustainable Future

Craig M. Kauffman and Pamela L. Martin

Pub date: August 17, 2021
Funded by the Arcadia Fund

Certifying China
The Rise and Limits of Transnational Sustainability Governance in Emerging Economies

Yixian Sun

Pub date: February 22, 2022
Funded by Swiss National Science Foundation

Extracting Accountability
Engineers and Corporate Social Responsibility

Jessica M. Smith

pub date: September 28, 2021
Funded by NSF Award #1540298

Effective Advocacy
Lessons from East Asia's Environmentalists

Mary Alice Haddad

pub date: March 23, 2021
Funded by the Arcadia Fund

The Untold Story of the World's Leading Environmental Institution
UNEP at Fifty

Maria Ivanova

pub date: February 23, 2021

Repairing Infastructures
The Maintenance of Materiality and Power

Christopher R. Henke and Benjamin Sims

Pub date: October 13, 2020
Funded by the Arcadia Fund

Alternatives to Multilateralism
New Forms of Social and Environmental Governance

Lena Partzsch

Pub date: August 25, 2022
Funded by German Federal Ministry of Research and Education

Sulphuric Utopias
A History of Maritime Fumigation

Lukas Engelmann and Christos Lynteris

pub date: March 31, 2020
Funded by the Arcadia Fund

The Immigrant-Food Nexus
Borders, Labor, and Identity in North America

edited by Julian Agyeman and Sydney Giacalone

pub date: March 24, 2020
Funded by the Arcadia Fund

The Science of Bureaucracy
Risk Decision-Making and the US Environmental Protection Agency

David Demortain

pub date: January 21, 2020
Funded by the MIT Libraries

The New American Farmer
Immigration, Race, and the Struggle for Sustainability

Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern

Winner of the GFASG Book Award

Pub date: November 12, 2019
Funded by the MIT Libraries

Global Meat
Social and Environmental Consequences of the Expanding Meat Industry

edited by Bill Winders and Elizabeth Ransom

Pub date: October 29, 2019
Funded by the MIT Libraries

Bridging Silos
Collaborating for Environmental Health and Justice in Urban Communities

Katrina Smith Korfmacher

pub date: August 27, 2019
Funded by the MIT Libraries

Flint Fights Back
Environmental Justice and Democracy in the Flint Water Crisis

Benjamin J. Pauli

pub date: May 7, 2019
Funded by the MIT Libraries

Feeding the Other
Whiteness Privilege and Neoliberal Stigma

Rebecca de Souza

pub date: April 16, 2019
Funded by the MIT Libraries